Cool Kitty Cat Litter - Affordble · Clean · Simple

Cool Kitty Cat Litter is designed to ensure that your cats have the most hygienic, comfortable toilet experience.

Cool Kitty Cat Litter is a New Zealand owned brand which locates in Auckland. Our cat litter products are made of natural clay which allows the litter to form nice solid clumps around wastes and absorbs liquids quickly. The kitty litter is made in shapes (ball/pellet shaped) for the purpose of low dust and low tracking. It is naturally safe and gentle to paws.

With the advanced long lasting and anti-odour formula it has excellent odour control and moisture management. It traps odour and moisture deep inside the cat litter and the activated charcoal or food grade scents will keep your home fresh and clean.

Once the kitty litter is clumped together, there is no crumbly clumps and it is very easy to scoop out all urine and faeces. Simply adding fresh cat litter in as needed which keeps the litter tray clean so much easier and way more cost effective.

Cool Kitty Cat Litter - Easy Clean Up Solution

See how Cool Kitty Cat Litter works in action

Cool Kitty - Top Pet Shop Award

Cool Kitty- Best Pet Shop Award

Our pets deserve tender loving care and need to be healthy and happy too, like us. Cool Kitty offers quality and trusted products first and foremost. We are proudly awarded one of the best pet shops by Top Reviews NZ.

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