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Best cat litter I have used love it. Love how it turns up every month without thinking about it

Activated Charcoal clumping litter 10L Ball Shaped

Absolutely amazing great product, love it no smell and easy to remove from tray will definitely be getting more

Great Product

This product works very well. At the moment we have to keep our litter in our bedroom due to old kitty and house renovations. This product is making it bearable.

Best litter ever

No Odour, clumps in seconds, my cat loves it!

best litter I have used, no smell and it comes up in one clump ;))

Great product have 5 kittens and mum using it. Real easy to clean out the big litter tray. Just started second bag a couple days ago

Non Scented Clumping Cat Litter 10L (Ball Shaped)?

Have been using this clumping cat litter for a year, very happy with this product.

Great kitty litter

Clumps well, less mess than other clumping litter. Easy to clean up.


Mutable lights, multiple laser styles. USB-C rechargeable.

Poop cleanups!

The Biodegradable Poop Bags make scooping up poops easy ... and as hygienic as scooping poop can be! 120 pack fantastic!

Excellent product

We’ve been using this for the past few months now and it’s been the best litter we’ve ever tried. Our cat loves it.

Cool cat kitty litter

This is the best kitty litter we have had. Very happy.

Fabulous litter scoop

Very happy with my new litter scoop - it has made the job so much easier - and less litter wasted too.

Wish these were smaller and had a quick release function, they are slightly too big for our 2 burmese. But I love how cute they are, and love the colour options.

Best Litter in Town

Clumping excellence

My fave litter

Clumps really well without breaking up much when taking it out like other brands. Most affordable of decent quality brands ive come across. Does have dust but not bad when the cat covers the litter, just when you initially pour bag. Ive tried 4 cats on it and they all seem to prefer it. Tracks a bit. But using a mat that collects litter outside tray helps. Doesnt get too smelly. Used for a year. Great litter. :)

So far so good

It does the trick, has a nice mild scent and clumps tidily.

Litter scoop

This is great, much prefer it to the plastic ones

Litter Mat
Litter Mat

Oh wow! This litter mat is incredible... its keeps everything nice and tidy and I dont spend time using the broom every day.

Thank you Cool Kitty, your products are totally amazing !!

Litter Mat
Great mat

Keeps area nice & tidy

Cat Litter

Highly Recommend

My cats' favorite

Using their cat litter for two years. Smell free good product. Don't get messy at all. I recommend them.

Lavender Scented Clumping Cat Litter

Why did I not discover this sooner!! It’s amazing, no more stinky litter tray, and the clumping action is excellent for removal of pee, it’s far better than anything else I have used over the years

Cool cat litter

As a cat owner this product is great for eliminating odour. The lavender balls make a big difference. I will continue to use this product

Clumping litter

Clumps well and easy to clean and definitely one of the best I've used. But I do miss the pellet shape. Only because my cat tracks the ball shaped litter much more.