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This cat litter is amazing. Easy to use, lavender scented the best.

Doesn't clump as good as it used to.

My last two batches bought from their online retail and physical retailer in Mt Eden really struggled to stay clumped during scooping. Quite sad about it.

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This brush was absolutely amazing for getting rid of a couple of small matts and now its keeps Scully's and Ripley's fur lovely and gleaming.

Thank you Cool Kitty for your wonderful products

Cat Tunnel Bed

Ripley is just in love with this tunnel. She even goes around it upside down !
She gets a lot of playtime in with this tunnel, its great !

Activated Charcoal Clumping Cat Litter 10L (Ball Shaped)


Absolutely love this cat litter. I've tried so many different types and brands but this ons is by far the best I've come across. Great scent, excellent clumping, easy to clean up. All round great product!

Great product. Use this all the time for 2 cats
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Wow, this kitty litter delivers on all of its claims. My cat is a tripod, so she has trouble standing on harder and thicker litter. This is purrfect for her paws, and doesn't hurt them at all. She actually e joys using it! Thank you.

Cat love this

My cat loves this

Awesome Littler !

The litter is great. We have 5 cats and they all use it. There’s no smell, and it’s not messy into clean up after the cats.

Wish we had found this ages ago...

We have two indoor Tonks and for the past 5 years we have used another brand of clumping litter. That litter was low dust but even so, still generated a reasonable amount of dust. One of the Tonks has recently developed asthma so we were looking for a no-dust solution that still performed well. This litter is it! Put it down in a tray next to their existing tray with the old litter in it, and they both didn't bat a cat eyelid. The old litter remains untouched even three weeks later. I guess we made the right choice :) Highly recommend this litter for anyone with cats with respiratory issues (or just wants a dust-free environment)!

Almost completely dust-free and easy clumping

Worth the extra money for this dust free version of clumping litter. No smell also helps. Better for our lungs and we assume then our cats nose and lungs too! Easy to use. Will buy again. Thanks!

Great litter

Reduces smell alot. I mix half of this and half of lavender litter- perfect

Activated Charcoal Clumping Cat Litter 10L (Ball Shaped)

Dust-Free Mineral Clumping Cat Litter 5KG

Best litter

This litter is the best I’ve tried. Clumps really well and doesn’t smell stays dry. Great value for money

Best cat litter I have used love it. Love how it turns up every month without thinking about it

Activated Charcoal clumping litter 10L Ball Shaped

Absolutely amazing great product, love it no smell and easy to remove from tray will definitely be getting more

Great Product

This product works very well. At the moment we have to keep our litter in our bedroom due to old kitty and house renovations. This product is making it bearable.

Best litter ever

No Odour, clumps in seconds, my cat loves it!

best litter I have used, no smell and it comes up in one clump ;))

Great product have 5 kittens and mum using it. Real easy to clean out the big litter tray. Just started second bag a couple days ago

Non Scented Clumping Cat Litter 10L (Ball Shaped)?

Have been using this clumping cat litter for a year, very happy with this product.

Great kitty litter

Clumps well, less mess than other clumping litter. Easy to clean up.