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Cool Kitty

Dust-Free Mineral Clumping Cat Litter 5KG

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Cool Kitty Dust-Free Mineral Clumping Cat Litter is designed for high-performance use and long lasting, even for the busiest litter boxes. It is 99% Dust-Free, 100% natural and eco-friendly. It uses a unique Triple Deodorisation Technology that locks in liquid and odour on contact to form tight clumps and inhibits bacterial odour to the maximum. By forming clumps quickly, it also prevents the litter from sticking to the litter box. 
Please note that you might need more than one bag of this product to fill a medium/large litter tray.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-Low dust: 99% Dust-Free
  • Triple Deodorisation: inhibits bacterial odour to the maximum
  • Clumps quickly: prevents the litter from sticking to the litter box
  • Natural mineral: 100% natural, naturally safe & eco-friendly
  • Easy clean up
  • No crumbly clumps
  • Long lasting and cost effective
  • Antibacterial and sterillised


  1. Distribute the litter evenly into a clean litter tray to a depth of 8cm (2 inches deep).
  2. Remove dried clumps daily with litter scoop and dispose in the rubbish.
  3. Top up the litter on a regular basis, and distribute the litter evenly for best results.


  • Do NOT flush waste down the toilet or any waste system.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • Keep in dry environment for best absorbency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Wish we had found this ages ago...

We have two indoor Tonks and for the past 5 years we have used another brand of clumping litter. That litter was low dust but even so, still generated a reasonable amount of dust. One of the Tonks has recently developed asthma so we were looking for a no-dust solution that still performed well. This litter is it! Put it down in a tray next to their existing tray with the old litter in it, and they both didn't bat a cat eyelid. The old litter remains untouched even three weeks later. I guess we made the right choice :) Highly recommend this litter for anyone with cats with respiratory issues (or just wants a dust-free environment)!

Becky S.
Almost completely dust-free and easy clumping

Worth the extra money for this dust free version of clumping litter. No smell also helps. Better for our lungs and we assume then our cats nose and lungs too! Easy to use. Will buy again. Thanks!

Mella Rodrigues

Dust-Free Mineral Clumping Cat Litter 5KG

Excellent product

We’ve been using this for the past few months now and it’s been the best litter we’ve ever tried. Our cat loves it.


Really really good item - no odour and no dust but the bag was smaller than I expected making it a little too pricey for me.